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History of massage

The history of massage dates back to ancient times. It was the complement to religious rites. Sometimes, however, he was part of folk medicine. The roots of massage dates back to China and India. It provided there natural methods of treatment. In Europe, already Hippocrates, then Celsus and Galen considered therapeutic massage for working in different disease entities. In ancient Greece, athletes before the competition massaged their bodies greasing with oil. In the Middle Ages there has been a regression and stagnation of medical sciences. Massage lost its importance and ceased to be used.

studio avalon masazeIn the sixteen century, French physician Ambrose Paré started anew massage techniques. In his scientific thesis he recognized massage as an official method of treatment. His theory was based on observations of the effect of massages performed on patients after surgery.

Probably the greatest contribution to the development of therapeutic massage was made by a Swedish doctor Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839). He popularized the so-called Swedish gymnastics, which included the therapeutic massage.

Dutch doctor Johan Mezger (1839-1909) is regarded as the founder of scientific therapeutic massage. He described the indications and contraindications of the massage in various cases of disease. He also founded the first real school of classical massage.

Also Polish scientists had their contribution in the development of massage. Thanks to publications made by doctor Izydor Zabłudowski, the massage began to be treated in the same way as the other branches of medical knowledge.

Development of such branches of medicine as physiology and neurophysiology created new massage methods: for example, lymphatic, segmental, periosteal and connective.


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