Hindu head massage


Head massage is a treatment known and used for centuries. It combines traditional massage techniques with elements of ayurveda. It is made without the use of oils.

Head massage is performed along with the massage of its surroundings: neck, shoulders and shoulders, which are the areas most exposed to stress. This massage improves circulation in these areas, brings instant relief in acute and chronic muscular tension in the neck and shoulders, eliminates headaches and fatigue. Head massage is a wonderful way to relax. Relaxes, loosens, relieves stress, makes the accumulated tension away from us.

Head massage is also extremely beneficial for the condition of our hair. It stimulates the blood circulation and oxygenates the hair bulbs by strengthening them and making them better nourished.
In people who have excessive hair loss due to circulation problems, they can even stop baldness.
As every massage increases the overall efficiency of the circulatory system and lymphatic system, stimulating brain oxygenation, promotes better tissue nutrition and faster removal of toxins from the body.

Under the influence of touch, energy channels are released, stimulating all the receptors in this part of the body. As a result, after the massage we gain new energy and feel better.

Price of the massage: 30 min – 70 zł

Please book your reservation at least 2 hours in advance.


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