Japanese Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage was developed by the Japanese. Although the assumptions of this technique derive from ancient Chinese massage, Shiatsu has only been used since the twentieth century.
Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage technique. Shiatsu is also called point massage or acupuncture without needles.

In Japanese, the word “shiatsu” means “push your thumbs”. It is the compression of specific points on the body that is the most important of the activities performed by the masseur during the massage.

Like acupuncture, shiatsu massage is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which assumed that all illnesses originate in an imbalance in the natural flow of energy in the human body. In order to improve the flow of this energy, the masseur shakes his fingers and hands with energetic routes known to the meridians to unblock them.

Shiatsu massage does not cure any specific ailments, but it stimulates the body to activate the regenerative forces of the body, which in the most optimal way against the common ailments such as colds, headaches, crosses, intestinal problems as well as eliminates fatigue, stresses and stimulates the activity of individual bodies.

Shiatsu massage reduces muscle tension, increases joint mobility and elasticity of muscles: improves blood circulation, lymph, helps to get rid of the feeling of fatigue.

Shiatsu massage action:

  • relaxes and regenerates; reduces pain;
  • musculoskeletal: increases joint mobility and elasticity of muscles, effectively reduces spine and limb pain;
  • mental health: reduces stress, reduces depression, promotes emotional balance, improves contact with your body, increases self-esteem and self-esteem, liberates internal energy and positive attitude to life;
  • physiological changes: Improves blood circulation, lymph and other organic fluids, improves peripheral nervous system function, increases the blood supply (oxygenation and feeding) of all tissues, strengthens the internal organs (kidneys, liver, heart, stomach, spleen, intestines, lungs).

Laboratory tests show that shiatsu: reduces stress hormones (noradrenaline, adrenaline, cortisol), balances the activity of both cerebral hemispheres (measured by EEG), improves respiratory functions, stimulates the pressure receptors.
Compression massage increases the activity of the vagal nerve and increases the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system (within the autonomic system).

Price of massage: 60 min – 160 zł | 90 min – 220 zł

Please book your reservation at least 2 hours in advance.


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