Thai massage with hot herbal stamps

Herbal Stamping Massage is a therapeutic massage combining two ancient healing concepts – energy massage and herbal medicine. Stamp massage is originated from Thailand where it has over 400 years tradition.

The massage is done with a specially selected mixture of herbs, fruits and spices wrapped carefully in cotton material and wrapped with string. The stamps are heated before the massage on the oil and then laid on the body of a person massaged. At first, the punching is performed in the form of delicate presses, and then they are getting stronger and stronger as the punches lose their original high temperature. During the massage to the skin are released active substances, contained in herbs and spices, so it is recommended not to shower even up to several hours after the treatment.

Hot herbal massage therapy has beneficial effects on the whole body: anti-inflammatory and warming effect, improves blood and lymph circulation and accelerates the body’s cleansing process, relieves pain, soothes muscle tension. It also has strong relaxing properties, soothing and calming effect on the nervous system.

Price of massage: 90 min – 220 zł | 90 min – 250 zł

Please book your reservation at least 2 hours in advance.


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