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    REVERSE FLOTATION: REVERSE FLOTATION In this type of froth flotation process in which mineral matter (gangue) is floated with respect to the economic mineral. Reverse flotation is generally applied when the impurity content of the feed material is high.

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    Collectors for iron-ore reverse flotation Clariant Mining Solutions' range of Flotigam® collectors can aid in the reverse flotation of all types of iron ore, including haematite, magnetite and itaberite.

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    Coal reverse flotation, a process in which coal mineral matter is floated instead of the organic matter, was studied through a series of batch flotation tests on artificial coal/silica mixtures using two coals varying in rank. Dodecyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (DTAB) was utilized as a mineral matter collector, while humic acids (sodium salt) were added as a coal depressant.