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  • Sulphur 2020 – cutting sulphur oxide emissions

    Of course, some ships are already using low sulphur fuel oil to meet the even more stringent limits of 0.10% m/m when trading in the already-established emission control areas. So those fuel oil blends suitable for ECAS, will also meet the 0.50% m/m limit in 2020.

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    The S5000 grades correspond to the "regular" sulfur grades, the previous No. 1-D and No. 2-D. S500 grades correspond to the previous "Low Sulfur" grades (D975-03). S15 grades are commonly referred to as "Ultra-Low Sulfur" grades or ULSD. An ASTM standard (D2069) once existed for marine diesel fuels, but it has been withdrawn.

  • Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel Explained - Ultra Low ...

    Ultra low sulphur diesel fuel has been refined so that its sulphur content is 15 parts per million (ppm) or less. This is 97 percent cleaner than the standard highway-use diesel fuel sold in the US, which contains an average of 500 ppm of sulphur.