chiang mai waterfalls

  • Bua Thong Waterfall - Natural Attraction Near Chiang Mai

    Bua Thong Waterfall near Chiang Mai is a small and beautiful, -tiered waterfall made of limestone and mineral deposits. It has been nicknamed 'the sticky waterfall' because the limestone creates enough friction to stop slipping, so making it very easy to climb up the waterfall (with the help of ropes).

  • Mae Sa Waterfall: 'Feel impressed with 10-storied waterfall.'

    Mae Sa Waterfall is a waterfall in Mae Rim County, Chiang Mai. It is a 10-storied waterfall that looks absolutely stunning. The waterfall is available from 8:00-17:00. You may want to get up a little bit early if you want to spend many hours there.

  • 24 places in Thailand to find waterfalls, from ...

    9. Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) 9-a. This waterfall is unbelievably huge! – Mae Ya Waterfall One of the most fascinating waterfalls we've found in Thailand, Mae Ya Waterfall takes it to a whole new level. It's huge at approximately 260m tall and up to 100m wide!

  • Mae Sa and Tad Mork waterfalls in Chiang Mai closed | The ...

    Mae Sa waterfall is approximately 30 minutes drive north-west from Chiang Mai and Tad Mork waterfall about an hour drive north-west of Chaing Mai. The national park chief Wuttichai Soamwipark told Thai Rath that his office will continue to monitor the situation and urged tourists to remain safe, and follow the directions of park signage and officials.