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  • Deserted Places: Hashima, the ghost island of Japan

    Nov 12, 2012 · During the Second Sino-Japanese War, between 1943 and 1945, the Japanese government and Mitsubishi transported Korean and Chinese prisoners to the island on Mitsubishi-owned ships known as "hellships," and then forced them to handle the most dangerous work in the coal mines.Hundreds or thousands of the prisoners died to to the poor living conditions and coal mining .


    In 1938 an explosion at the recently opened Keen Mountain coal mine resulted in the death of 45 miners. Island Creek continued mining at Keen Mountain until it closed down the last one, Beattrice Mine, in the late 1980s. (May 2006 image by author) These might be the nicest coal company houses I .

  • Rock Island County, Illinois Coal Mines; including Fatalities

    Rock Island County, Illinois Coal Mine Fatalities Spelling of names is as they are reported in the State of Illinois records. AUSTIN November 24, 1933 8, Clarence Austin, of Rock Island, machine helper, age 52 years, married, was killed in Rawalt Coal Company's mine by being struck by a .

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    New England Coal and Anthracite Mines. Historic descriptions of New England coal mines and anthracite deposits may be found in the following entries from Hayward's New England Gazetteer of 1839. New England has never been a major mining region, but in America's early days small mines and quarries often successfully supplied local needs for many years, and at the same time generated ...

  • Exploring Abandoned Coal Mining City Island Near Nagasaki ...Click to view on Bing5:01

    Mar 05, 2017 · The island of Hashima had a coal mine and residences for the miners and families from 1890 until the coal mine closed in 1974. Also called Gunkanjima or Battleship Island due to it`s appearance.