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    Guinea has 30 percent of the world's known reserves of bauxite and is the world's second largest producer of the ore. The biggest company in the sector is owned by the U.S. company, Alcoa, and produces 12.5 million tons per year, and through further investment this figure should rise to 13 million.

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    Guinea Energy Sector Overview As the source of 12 major rivers, Guinea is endowed with significant hydropower potential. Since commissioning the 240 megawatt (MW) Kaleta hydropower plant in May 2015, total power production has roughly doubled and can .

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    Jan 22, 2016 · Guinea is a neighbor to top gold producers in African such as Ghana, Mali, and Burkina Faso. Like its neighbors, Guinea lies on the gold-rich Birimian greenstone belt. Although the mining industry in Guinea is still developing, the country has great potential as a gold producer.

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    The mining industry contributes more than 15 percent of Guinea's GDP, and the government, which has come a long way in stabilizing and forcing out corruption in recent years, is committed to ...

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    Conakry, Guinea. Conakry, Guinea's port capital and once a small island town, has spread to the country's mainland and now comprises 1/4 of the population. This bustling metropolis boasts the national stadium, Stade du 28-Septembre, the National Museum, the Palais du Peuple, a thriving botanical garden, numerous open air markets and plenty...