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    the coal seam. As far as the heaviest mobile land machine in world history, only The Captain is heavier. Big Muskie clocks in second tipping the scales at a massive 27 million pounds. Big Muskie is a much larger version of the Bucyrus Erie 4250 series of draglines. It took 3 years to build the immense dragline at a 1966 cost of $25 million, or ...

  • Dragline Digging Methods in Australian Strip Mines - A .

    A study was conducted to highlight the current status of the use of dragline in Australian coal mining. As the fIrst step a. questionnaire was prepared and sent to twenty eight open cut coal mines with a total of about sixty large walking. draglines as the major overburden removal units.

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    The larger types are used in strip-mining operations to move overburden above coal, and for tar-sand mining. Mining Draglines are amongst the largest mobile equipment (not water-borne), and can weigh in the vicinity of 2000 metric tonnes, though specimens weighing up to .

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    Built in 1969 and dismantled in 1991, the Big Muskie could move 39 million pounds of earth and rock every hour, reaching coal seams 100-150 feet down. Weighing nearly 12,000 tons, this dragline was 22 stories tall with a boom length of 310 feet.