chemical reactions in coal mining

  • What is the chemical reaction of coal burning

    Burning coal is a chemical reaction, a chemical change; but the solid reactant is transformed in gaseous products (H2O and CO2) - this is a physical change.

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    Conventional coal preparation involves cleaning and separation of coal-rich from mineral-matter-rich particles by size. Typical processes include: The majority of coal preparation processes require large quantities of water. Exceptions to this include crushing, screening, and transportation.

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    What kinds of chemical reactions are used in the .. Oct 07, 2010 · Best Answer: Explosives are used in the mining of many metals but not usually in mining coal. The material being sought as well as the material that is . »More detailed

  • Chemical Science Lesson

    When coal is burned the sulfur combines with oxygen and the sulfur oxides are released to the atmosphere. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) becomes sulfur trioxide (SO3) when reacting with oxygen in the air. This reacts with water molecules in the atmosphere to form sulfuric acid, a strong mineral acid. This makes rain acidic.

  • Spontaneous combustion of coals and coal-shales ...

    The chemical reactions between oxygen and external active structures of coal particles which releases heat are the required constituents of self-heating,, . Spontaneous combustion is a process in which oxidation reaction takes place without the interference of an external heat source.