copper sulfide occurred

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    • Mechanism of Sulfide Corrosion Hydrogen sulfide corrosion can occur by two mechanisms: 1) acid attack resulting from the biological conversion of hydrogen sulfide gas to sulfuric acid in the presence of moisture, and 2) direct chemical reaction with metals such as copper, iron .and silver with hydrogen sulfide .

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    The resulting solution contained copper in the form of copper sulfate. There was far more copper in the water than in the mine water collected by the Romans. Iron was placed into the water containing copper sulfate. A reaction occurred, in which the iron dissolved into the water, and copper precipitated where the iron had been.

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    Sep 19, 2010 · Best Answer: Normally metals react to produce hydrogen gas, but in this equation, the hydrogen is reducing the sulfuric acid, so that's what you need to account for. Sulfuric acid is the hydrate of sulfur trioxide, so, SO3 + H2O => H2SO4 We can see that two atoms of hydrogen could reduce the sulfur trioxide to sulfur dioxide.