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    A theory on the movement of 'monument stones' has been put forward as a result of an observed correlation between standing stone circles in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and a concentration of carved stone balls, and it is suggested that these petrospheres may have been used to help transport the big stones by functioning like ball bearings.

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    In marble sets and marble runs, the 1 3/8 of an inch and the 1 5/8 of an inch marbles are the more common choices. Extra Large. Extra large marbles, or marbles larger than 2 inches are rarely used in official games. They are usually used by artists specializing in marble art.

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    Download and play free Marble Popper Games. Shoot marbles and create exciting chain reactions in these fast-paced, arcade-style games!

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    Sep 17, 2008 · Be careful if you have a little brother or sister who's 3 years old or under—he or she could choke on a jack or ball this small, so don't leave them out. ... use piece of string that's about 9 ...

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    Large Toy Marbles,marbles for sale. don't lose your marble get your Glass Marbles here. Large Toy Marbles for sale,Boulders,Mammoth, and Toe Breakers Note: Dice and marbles are NOT intended for Children under 3.

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    The 9/16" marble is the most common size used for Chinese Checker and Decorative marbles. 14mm is about the same size. The 5/8" is the most common size use for playing the game of marbles as the target marble. It is a lot smaller than a dime. 16mm is about the same size. The .

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    The mouse trap uses larger and heavier balls at 0.625 inch diameter. These are 0.5625 inch diameter. Consequence - not always strong enough to trigger the helping hand rod and diver into the tub.