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    Aug 28, 2014 · Temperature fluctuations of hot and cool air creates moisture on concrete flooring or slabs. Sweating Slab Syndrome can be dangerous and costly and can be combated with HVLS fans. Sweating Slab Syndrome: 6 Tips to Reduce Condensation and Moisture on Concrete .

  • What is Ambient Temperature? (with pictures)

    Aug 22, 2019 · Ambient temperature is a term which refers to the temperature in a room, or the temperature which surrounds an object under discussion. Ambient temperatures play a major role in personal comfort, as well as the function of many types of machines and equipment, and various methods can be used to control ambient temperature.


    T1, T 2: Absolute Temperature at fan inlet, fan outlet (degrees K) 1.3 Gas Pressure Gas Pressure is expressed as Total Fan Pressure or Fan Static Pressure. Total Fan Pressure is the total increase in pressure caused by the fan, and is expressed as the difference of .

  • Plant Engineering | Understanding fan vibration and imbalance

    May 01, 2001 · Another common cause of imbalance is nonuniform temperature. If a fan rotor is left at rest during an outage, a differential temperature may develop between the top and bottom of the housing (Fig. 2). A similar, though less pronounced, temperature differential may develop in the shaft, resulting in differential thermal expansion.

  • Cement Process Fans: Operation and Maintenance Considerations

    Robinson Fans, Inc. Cement Process Fans: Operation and Maintenance Considerations. This white paper describes the critical problems with the fans in cement installations, and studies preventative maintenance in detail, listing out the instructions covering handling storage, installation and start up.

  • Manufacturing - the cement kiln - Understanding Cement

    The original rotary cement kilns were called 'wet process' kilns. In their basic form they were relatively simple compared with modern developments. The raw meal was supplied at ambient temperature in the form of a slurry. A wet process kiln may be up to 200m long and 6m in diameter.

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    The Broan 270 CFM Direct-Discharge Exhaust Fan is a stylish way to help keep air clean in your home. The fan ventilates areas up to 240 sq. ft. and helps eliminate .