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  • ArborTech Mini Carver with Carbide Blade and Sanding ...

    The long, narrow neck on the Arbortech Mini Carver provides unobstructed access to tight spaces, as well as superior visibility, since the motor housing does not obscure the blade. Ideal for detailed shaping, relief carving, grooving, planing, trimming and sanding.

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    Re: arbortech mini grinder Hi Lorax & Buzzsawz, I agree with you that the dime tip, once a person gets the skills built up with a dime tip it is simple physics that the dime is a much smaller radius than the 2" diameter that the arbortech mini-carver has.

  • Arbortech MIN.FG.600 Mini Carver New 96526334019 | eBay

    Arbortech Mini Carver. Will not accept other Arbortech accessories unless specified for use on power chisel. Mini Carver.600. Great in hardwoods and burls. Variable speed sanding. Accessories Included Blade and Sanding Pads.