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  • Motorize Your Meat Grinder to Make Delicious Sausage

    How to Motorize Your Manual Meat Grinder — Easy Instructions from SausageMania! This is what you can do with a standard Chop-Rite #22 bolt-down hand grinder....this baby is compact, powerful (3/4 HP) and heavy (55 lbs).It grinds at the rate of five (5) pounds a minute, hour after hour, and, because of the ball-bearing speed brake, it is very quiet and vibrationless.

  • LEM Products 25 lb. Motorized or Manual Meat Mixer - Item ...

    LEM Products 25 lb. Motorized or Manual Meat Mixer -Large batches, small batches, or any size in between, we have the perfect size Meat Mixer for you. Stainless Steel Meat Mixers make sausage making simple! Put the seasonings, water and meat into the hopper and turn the handle or attach to your Big Bite Grinder. Meat mixes in just minutes.

  • LEM 25 lb Big Bite Hand Crank Manual Meat Mixer or ...

    Easily mix up a batch of sausage with LEM's 25 LB Big Bite Fixed Position Meat Mixer (1733-LEM)! Hand mixing takes just minutes, but make it even faster by motorizing it with your Big Bite Grinder! Enjoy exclusive discounts + FREE Shipping!