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    Dec 23, 2018 · The Royal Government of Cambodia has set directions to transform Cambodia into a middle-income economy by 2030 and high-income country by 2050, as mandated in the National Strategic Development Plan for 2014–2018. The directions emphasize the role of industry and small and medium enterprises as a key driver of future growth. 1

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    The software development industry is thriving in Louisiana. With the nation's strongest, most comprehensive incentive for the industry, strategic investments in higher education and alignment from the state to local levels, Louisiana gives software development companies a competitive edge.

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    High Noon : High Noon Taps Colorado's Creative Talent for Reality TV Hits. In the past 20 years, High Noon has become a media powerhouse in Colorado creating well-known cable programs including Fixer Upper and Cake Boss and has been a key part of growing the state's production industry.

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    Industry Keywords. Some larger companies may have a scanner system to read resumes. ... productivity and performance management, project planning, staff training and development Association and not for profit management: Corporate giving, endowment funds, grassroots campaign, board relations, budget oversight, community outreach, member ...

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    CompTIA's IT Industry Outlook provides insight into the trends shaping the industry, its workforce, and its business models. Because trends do not occur in a vacuum, the report provides context through market sizing, workforce sizing, and other references to supporting data.

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    ADVERTISEMENTS: The following points highlight the four key indicators of economic development. The key indicators are: 1. Per Capita Income 2. Poverty 3. Social and Health Indicators 4. Operational Pattern. Key Indicator # 1. Per Capita Income: The most important indicator of economic underde­velopment is low per capita income. Usually, an LDC is defined as [.]

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    4. Poverty eradication is central to sustainable development strategies, and industry has a key role to play in this respect. Sustainable industrial policy encompasses a variety of interrelated economic, social and environmental objectives, including the encouragement of

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    This year, we've combined CEO insights from the PwC 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, with expert analysis to produce a series of industry trends reports. Explore below to learn about crucial trends and strategic options ...

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    KeyBank Community Development Lending and Investment (CDLI) provides more than capital solutions. It's a much-needed investment for affordable housing and community development projects in urban and rural communities across all 50 states.

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    An industry is a sector that produces goods or related services within an economy. The major source of revenue of a group or company is an indicator of what industry it should be classified in. When a large corporate group has ple sources of revenue generation, it is considered to be working in different industries. The manufacturing industry became a key sector of production and labour ...