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    We particularly need specialists in grassland ecology, coastal ecology, and soil processes, but welcome new partners from any area of restoration. If you would like to be considered as a reviewer for Ecological Restoration, please complete our survey.

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    Ecological restoration is the process of repairing dysfunctional ecosystems to provide essential ecosystem goods and services important to society. The Ecological Restoration degree prepares students for a career that requires an understanding of the causes of land degradation and strategies for recovery of ecosystems damaged, degraded, or destroyed by natural or human causes.

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    Ecological Restoration and Management is a full-service commercial landscape and ecological restoration contracting firm. Since 1983 ER&M, a certified small business, has been an acknowledged leader in the industry - creating, restoring, and enhancing vital native ecosystems throughout the mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions.

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    Ecological restoration has been defined as "the return of an ecosystem to a close approximation of its condition prior to disturbance" (NRC, 1992). According to the Society for Ecological Restoration, ecological restoration is "the process of assisting the recovery and management of ecological integrity".

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    Restoration ecology —The application of ecological principles and knowledge to the restoration of populations of endangered species, or to the management or reconstruction of threatened ecosystems.

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