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    Revised: August 16, 2019 Office of Materials and Testing Qualified Products List QPL 2 Page 1 of 26 OMAT The following is a list of coarse aggregate sources established according to the

  • cullet - Scrap Glass Recycling

    cullet also delivers detailed price information for individual grades of materials on a daily updated basis. Where available current and month to date daily spot market prices and an annual summary of the low, high and average monthly prices and historic prices for each day over the past 12 .

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    Glass Recycling from Day Group. Ecological footprint savings; There are substantial ecological footprint savings when reprocessing glass cullet into aggregate (706 .

  • Cullet Crusher and Slag Crusher Plant Manufacturers India

    Ecoman is one of the leading manufacturers of cullet crusher and slag crushing plant equipments. Since 1982 we have been the leading manufacturer and OEM supplier for Sponge Iron Plant, Power Plant, Cement Plant, Quartz Plant, Dolomite Plant and a host of other types of minerals plants.. Among the various plants, one of our specialties has been the manufacturing of slag crushing plant.